As a building and construction company, we undertake a wide range of services throughout London and the South East of England. However, with a main office in Caterham, the Croydon area will always be our home. While our shop fitters, groundworks contractors and property refurbishments specialists always apply the same work ethic regardless of location, there are some undeniable benefits that come with choosing a local building company. A significant amount of the work we undertake involves medium- to large-scale building work. By choosing a local option like UK Maintenance & Construction you can lessen some of the stress and concern often associated with work of this size.


If you live in the Croydon area and require the services of a proven construction company for work such as property refurbishments, shop fit outs, office refits, roofing services, property extensions and much more, we have outlined below some of the advantages of going local.



Local Connections


The combined experience held by our owner, project manager and workforce totals more than 100 years. During this time, we have completed countless building-related projects in all manner of sizes and complexity. As a result, we have established strong, trusted relationships with a network of local suppliers and specialists, all of whom we personally vouch for. We have worked hard to cement our reputation as shop fitters, groundworks contractors and an all-around construction company of excellent repute, so we only work with professionals who help us maintain and enhance this image.


Through this network, we source the superior-quality materials we need for our services at fair prices. Like any reputable building company, we pass on as much of these savings to our clients as possible. These links also ensure that materials used on projects in the Croydon area have a short distance to travel, making them less susceptible to delays. In addition, less time in transit also benefits the environment.


Local References


At UK Maintenance & Construction, we fully understand the consideration that goes into choosing a construction company. We further recognise the importance of references and testimonials in this decision-making process. Be it property refurbishments, shop fit outs, groundworks or any other form of building or construction, we have an extensive range of local references. These first-hand accounts of our services and results demonstrate our commitment to excellence across the board.


Our shop fitters, groundworks contractors and wider workforce recognise the significant sums our clients invest. As such, we happily provide the testimonials, references and photographic evidence required to help make the decision easier. When it comes to peace of mind, reassurances seem much more authentic when they come from other locals.

Local Knowledge


As a building company, we know the local Croydon area incredibly well. This often-overlooked aspect of construction services plays a key role in the smooth, efficient progression of work as intended. For example, we know the rush hour traffic hotspots to avoid, we have full knowledge of road height and weight restrictions and we know our way around the fastest routes without overreliance on the sometimes-questionable GPS.


Equipped with this local knowledge, our shop fitters, groundworks contractors and property refurbishments experts arrive on time, day in, day out. This not only keeps work progressing in line with set timescales, it also keeps delays and disruption to a minimum, allowing our team to focus solely on producing the best results.


For more information about the services we provide as a building company in Croydon, call 01883 343 961.

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