In our role as a time-served construction company serving the Portsmouth area, we carry out meticulous commercial property refurbishments. While the term ‘refurbishment’ has a broad level of understanding, it is often incorrectly used interchangeably with similar terms, particularly renovation. As a building company, we fulfil numerous roles for our clients, from groundworks contractors to shop fitters. Our personnel have extensive trade experience and expertise, so we are perfectly placed to help clarify what exactly property refurbishments consist of.


Firstly, let’s focus on the loose definition of property refurbishments. Refurbishment describes the process of improving a property by cleaning, decorating and re-equipping. In short, refurbishments fix a certain area of item through various means, restoring good appearance and condition.


Naturally, this definition has a certain vague quality so, below, we have looked how the process of property refurbishments differs from that of renovations.


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Having introduced the definition for property refurbishments, let us now do the same for renovations: renovation work, sometimes called remodelling, involves a building company changing the structure, converting existing places, replacing defective areas or object or adding an extension in some form.


As you can see, the primary difference at the basic level lays in the extent of the work involved for the construction company. Naturally, property refurbishments and renovations in Portsmouth, or any other location, have their own unique qualities; however, property refurbishments tend to have a more superficial, lighter feel, while renovation involve a considerable amount of work.


At their most extreme, property renovations represent particularly challenging projects. These can involve major structural work on derelict properties, from an earth floor up. As a result, we can sometimes utilise our full range of services as a building company during such work, from groundworks contractors to ensure appropriate stability, to shop fitters equipping the resulting structure with an interior fit for modern day use.


Despite, or even due to, this difficulty, renovations often represent dream projects for developers. They offer a great opportunity to preserve traditional architecture and to create one-of-a-kind properties.


By default, then, property refurbishments have a less intense nature. It’s often a case of finding the property before it has had a chance to fall into a true state of disrepair. With a generally sound structure, our building company usually only needs to rearrange rooms, put in new features and generally breathe new life into the place.


As a reputable construction company operating throughout the Portsmouth area, UK Maintenance & Construction provides a complete range of property refurbishments and renovations. This includes the specialist services we provide as groundworks contractors and shop fitters.

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